About Rebel Moon Productions

Rebel Moon Productions was formed many years ago to provide a production platform for major feature film which was later shelved for various reasons. During this time many original locations were discovered so continued to function as low profile location scout and fixer until travel opportunities beckoned. Rebel Moon also arranged film segments for other companies who could not afford to send film crews et al.

Rebel Moon is now being resurrected because the independent film industry is gaining momentum as the mainstream changes.

Projects Ready For Funding

We have a portfolio of projects two of which are being updated and almost ready.

Both can brought in with a relatively low budget and can be shot entirely on location.

Low Budget With A Feature Film Look

The advantage of shooting on location here in the Highlands are many. First we have a unique soft light which cannot be found elsewhere in Europe. We also have long Summer days know to film makers as ‘The Magic Hours’. Not only is this good for low budget productions which need plenty of daylight hours but the splendid locations including castles, mansions and other buildings with stunning backdrops can make a low budget production look like a large one.

Please see the locations page for more info because we can provide almost anything you are looking for because the Highlands & Islands can emulate almost any backdrop from other countries.

The myth that it rains here all the time is exactly that. A Myth.

We are on the edge of the Gulf Stream here and often get better weather than Southern UK. Fact!

But if you get your seasons right you can get the weather you want. Snow, Rain, Sunshine and Rainbows.

It really is magical…

Official Film Outlets In Scotland Not Much Help

Unfortunately, most if not all official outlets for the Scottish Film Industry are ineffective because they

are Government quangos run by entities with little or no film or TV production background.

Hollywood film makers have found this out much to their chagrin.

The Highlands itself has lvst out on films such as Braveheart, Mission Impossible and The Game of thrones

which along with Braveheart was eventually lost to Ireland. Fast forward to today and nothing has changed.

The PTB want films to be shot in the lowland region within reach of thier base in Glasgow. Although there are

some beautiful locations there they are still no match for the majestic backdrops of the Highlands and indeed

the unique light and Summer daylight hours here.

Rebel Moon has more access to Highland locations than other official sources and indeed can secure permissions

where they cannot. In fact we have more original locations that many do not know exist. A major bonus for any

production large or small.


Proof of the pudding is in the eating and talk is cheap.

This year we intend to produce two flagship projects of our own to prove everything said here is true and genuine.

These two ‘low budget’ projects will be shot entirely on location to give the impression and quality of a much larger


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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